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Which Hormones Are Blocking Your Weight Loss?

All it takes is 30 seconds.

4 Great Reasons
To Take This Quiz...

1. What works for one person may not work for another

There are thousands of diets out there. Yet we're the most overweight country in the world. Could it be that there is an underlying reason diets are not working? It turns out there is.

2. The big diet lie

The problem is not the diet. The problem is the idea that ONE diet will work for everyone. Fact is, the "one size fits all" paradigm is a failure.

3. Find your type, you'll find your solution

After you enter your gender, age, diet, and 4 other factors... we will accurately determine exactly what your weight loss type is, how it is different from others, and how you are genetically designed to lose weight.

4. Get an Instant Personalized Plan

Eliminating excess fat storage becomes significantly easier when you follow the FREE tips you will receive immediately after taking this SHORT quiz.

What Are The
Weight Loss Types?

After working with tens of thousands of people, and exploring dieting habits around the world, I’ve discovered there are 4 weight loss types that women fall into. And there are 3 weight loss types that men fall into.

What I found is that your type determines what foods to eat, and what kind of exercise increases health, and what kind of food and exercise decreases your health, breaks down your metabolism, and accelerates your aging process.

These Weight Loss Types are like fingerprints in that they are unique. Each has a different way it stores fat on the body, a different way it converts food to energy, a different way it stores food as fat, and a different way it burns fat for fuel.

Here’s my promise to you: When you discover what your weight loss type is, and what food it is designed to metabolize, you will understand for the first time, why you have struggled for so many years – and what to finally do about it.

How Others Have
Benefitted From This

"After I found out my main fat-storage trigger, as well as all the other triggers that were forcing my body to hold on to excess weight, I've been able to lose it and keep it off without trying. And I feel so good it's unreal. I was always trying to diet to lose weight. But after doing this, I realize, I had to get healthy first and then the weight would fall off. I had no idea how good I could feel until I applied all the recommendations."~Tabitha

"I guess it wasn't age or genetics after all. Weight is all gone. I look and feel amazing." ~Arlin

"I had all the triggers. All of them! No wonder I was so fat, sick, and tired all the time. Not anymore. Thank you for telling the truth! You saved my life..." ~Linda

Genetic Codes, Fat-Burning Types, And You…

When I was struggling with some serious illnesses that doctors couldn't seem to resolve, I tried everything. And when I stumbled upon genetic nutrition, where I ate foods that were designed to work with my genetic code, the illness disappeared.

But something else happened: I lost all my excess weight. I was not interested in losing weight. But everyone else was! "How did you lose all that weight?" they would ask.

And I kept saying, “I didn’t try. I just ate foods and did exercises that my genetic code was designed to work best with.”

Since then I've refined my studies down to 4 different weight loss types. Anyone who cannot lose weight will fit into one or more of these types. When you recognize the type you have, you will have a map to gain control of your weight. It will be like attaining the manual for your own body.

Take the quiz, and see what your map reveals.